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 These bright, colorful graphic representations are based on locally owned and operated business in the megtropolis of New Orleans. (including Houma, Thibodeaux, Metarie, Gretna and other cities) Since 2007 I have been producing a series called NOLA Girls. Each female figure I paint is a strong woman who represents a person, place or thing that I love. Mostly the NOLA Girl  represents businesses that I either support or admire. Each painting usually represents the establishment with the Girl's costume, her background and a "prop" from the particular place in her hands. These paintings serve as a layout or sometimes final illustration.

From the painting, I can create Postcards, Posters & T-Shirt art. I "clean them up" digitally in PhotoShop, add type and a few more sparkles for the printing process. My long range plan is to self-publish a coffee table book of over 100 NOLA Girls. But, until that book is published, I am producing postcards POSTCARDS as a means to promote myself and the future book.

 Presently you see most of these painting hanging in 2 of my favorite locations in New Orleans:

Angeli on Decatur • 1141 Decatur St. • New Orleans, LA 70116 • 504-566-0077

and at:  the Country Club. • 634 Louisa St • New Orleans, LA 70117 • (504) 945-0742

I believe in: Americaswetland.com  -   MakeItRightNOLA.com  -&- StayLocal.org  



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