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What? - Why? - How? - Where?

Wicked Orleans is the place that got me started when owner, Robert hired me to create tshirt art to represent the feeling of his store. Wicked Orleans is an alternative clothing / leather store with a heavy GOTH feeling and attitude. I rediscovered my love of Tshirt art from my years of experience (1980's & 1990's) in the Southern California Tshirt market as a freelance commercial illustrator . - I just LOVE seeing my art on bodies walking around in the city. But there was something else. I appreciated this design the more and more I looked at it hanging on a coat-hanger in my home in the uptown area of New Orleans. I was falling in love with my own work. It is the simple symetrical beauty that grew on me. I also realized that this "nolaGIRL" could create focus on whatever she would be holding to the center of herself, no matter what the background or hairstyle or clothes she wore. Then it started. I needed to see her as an angel. So, I started painting on top of the Tshirt after I created a canvas of it by Stretching it onto stretcher-bars (16"x 20"). I had a good time with it. So much so that I went back to Wicked Orleans to purchase more XXL tshirts (to stretch on more frames) from Robert (at his cost - THANX again Robert) I am having a great deal of fun with this project as I discover new favorite shops, restaurants and bars around the city.- New Orleans has So MUCH variety to offer. There is something for everyone. My goal with this "nolaGIRL" series is to highlight the fun and unique places in my daily life and new places that I'm presently discovering. It is also a plus for me to help promote the present Heros of the city of New Orleans: the Shop, Restaurant, and Bar owners and workers. . . Please come back to visit this site often to see my "Tclays" as they are created and get out here and have a drink or a meal in some of MY favorite places around the city.