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NOLAgirl #2 ($1,500) This artwork was inspired by the resaurant,

Angeli on Decatur. . It's the place in the Quarter where I have many other artworks hanging. (& for sale)

ANGELI on Decatur • 1141 Decatur Street • New Orleans, LA 70116 • (504) 566-0077. "Le Nouriture, c'est tour" translated means, "It's ALL ABOUT the FOOD."...and it's TRUE at Angeli's - Every dish is GREAT. My favorite is the Luscifer's Special Pizza. Located on the corner of Decatur & Gov.Nichols, Angeli's is a fun place to meet for a resonablly price delicious meal and have fun "people-watching" thorough the large plate glass windows that wrap this cool corner spot. After you eat, you can walk across the street and see NOLAgirl#1 at the

WICKED ORLEANS, a MOST FUN Goth oriented shop who always have the latest

NOLA Hero, T-Shirt Designs, well stocked !

You can see the above original painting and others at REDFISH Pizza • 224 South Hollywood Road • Houma, LA 70360-2717 • (985) 872-1400