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KCOP TV-Channel 13

KCOP TV-Channel 13

I collected money from Channel 13 for 13 years (1981-1994) for showing up to be responsible for creating news graphics for the daily evening news casts. I was there even if it was a holiday because I got triple-time pay. If there was no news, I did very few news graphics. It was a great/dream job for a me. I created my own freelance art in my down there. Went to auditions in the mornings. My hours were from 2pm to 10pm. I took vacations when I got TV acting jobs.

As far as the above, I created "1 sheets" used to all fit into a "Press Kit" which was used as a sales tool to get Advertising dollars for the "Very Independent" Channel 13 (owned by Chris Craft/ the "Chris Craft" Boat eople) It was then purchased by Paramont Studios and called UPN (United Paramount Network) - I quit in 1994 and UPN shut down shortly after. Now (2010) the old KCOP13 lot is a Rented out Studio where TV's "Hell's Kitchen" is shot.