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Big Tall Fences Make GREAT Neighbors.

This was one of the first stained glass pieces I created in 1985. It consist of twelve 8"x 10" leaded pieces which make up the two windows. After I bought the house, I found out I got a CRAZY/NOSEY/Ass-Hole of a neighbor with the deal. EVERYBODY in the neighborhood disliked him. My solution was a ten foot varnished pine fence along the property line in the back yard. I had the carpenters create a framed opening for my glass from the past. I hung out in this area often. It was private/spa area, right outside my bedroom. The neighbor died 6 months after I built the fence. He was "health-nut" who got hit by a city bus while riding his bike down Santa Monica Blvd. It was sad that no one in the neighborhood was sad about his passing.