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I LOVE Stained/Leaded Glass.

I LOVE Stained/Leaded Glass.

When I was in between paying jobs, I always found the money for supplies to create special pieces of glass-art. The photo above is the living room. The Hollywood sun's light moved through each beveled glass piece as the afternoon sun set. On a clear day (around 3 to 4pm, the room turned to a magical prism of colors. - There was a good size crack that happened (in this photo) above the fireplace, during the 1994 EaRtHQuAkE. Instead of repairing it, I accentuated it and the whole room became a Faux-Old-Cracked-Castle room. My entertainment center was in the Armoir. I often had clients over to discuss whatever job we were working on. I was reading books then (1991) about "creating your own reality". My little 1928 Spanish (930 Sq.Ft) stucco box BECAME my castle/home/Hollywood art studio in the 1990's.

I purchased my supplies and got technical advise from SUNSHINE Glass.