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a Night at the Races - 11/14/86

a Night at the Races - 11/14/86

It was a fun night in Beverly Hills. The event was the "Neil Bogart's Night at the Races" It was a fund raiser for Children's cancer. - It was 1986. Seems as though Suzanne did not change at all in more than 25 years - AMAZING - Each celebrity had a horse. I bet on Merv's horse and it lost. Ya gotta love MERV! Bless his heart. I was doing a cleaver Ruth Buzzy face for the camera after a few complementary cocktails . . . EeeYuck !

Visit Suzanne.

Visit Merv.

My date that night was a girl from my acting class, who was also an "up-scale" call-girl. She came with me for free because she LOVED being photographed with the STARS !!! - But that night Neil Diamond found us to be a bother. When asked if we could take a picture with him, he said with a grumpy/star-like attitude, "OK, but make it QUICK." So, I didn't like Neil Diamond after that night. Merv and Suzanne were great! We all spoke for a good while. It was that night that I got over taking pictures of myself with celebrities.