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Stephen J.Cannell

Stephen J.Cannell

- I did an illustrated (20"x 30") poster of every one of Stephen J.Cannell's TV productions. . The 2 artworks above are just a few of the 30+ posters I created for him over the years which hung on different floors of his Hollywood offices. He occupied the 6 floor mirrored glass building at LaBrea & Hollywood Blvd with the palm trees lining the front. I also created artwork for a "spin-Off" producer of his, Frank Lupo. - Stephen helped me become a TV actor. I did a guest-starring role on Hunter and got my Screen Actor's Guild (S.A.G) card. My scene was with Stephanie Krammer. In the following years of the 80's I got bigger and better roles (now & then) on other Cannell TV Shows which lead to more acting work on a few sitcoms in the 1980's. I played a Cajun doctor who gave Lorenzo Lamas some medical help when his show took a make-beleive trip to New Orleans. Yeah, I could turn on my Cajun acent when I needed to. I also created one of Stephen's book covers (" The Devils Workshop") when he was making the transition out of the TV-producer business and into full time/ Best-selling Novelist using his old typewriter on his boat and faxing the pages to his secretary so that they could edit it into a computer writing program because he REALLY likes typing on his old typewriter. Stephen J. Cannell turned out to be one of the SPECIAL men in my live that helped me get to where I am NOW... (in a good place)

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