Tim Neil, born in the middle of the 20th century in 1954 as the middle child of 5 children. He is of Cajun/Irish decent and was raised in Houma,  Louisiana.  His schooling began literally when the 60's began  ... 1961/1st grade - '62=2nd - 63'=3rd - etc.  After graduating in 1972 from Terrebonne High School, he moved (100 miles) away from his home town to Lafayette, Louisiana. With the desire to become a commercial illustrator, he began his studies at the University of Southwestern Louisiana . A new chapter began for Tim in March of 1977 when his mother, Rita died at the age of fifty-two. His life was deeply changed. Two months later he graduated and received his B.F.A. degree in Applied Arts at the age of twenty-two. Over the course of one year, while pondering how short life can be, he built his professional commercial illustration and graphic design portfolio. It consisted of a variety of (published) commercial artworks from his home state and some made-up "Hollywood-type" illustrations, such as portraits of popular stars of the day, (Charlie's Angeles, Susanne Summers, Robert Blake, Donnie & Marie /etc.).   In 1978, with his portfolio in hand, he drove his 1973 Ford Pinto across United States to Hollywood, California. The day after he arrived, Tim was hired on his first interview as the Art Director of KCET/Channel 28, the Los Angeles PBS station.

   From that point on, Tim has had a successful career for decades making art for various clients in the movie, TV and music industries. His talent has been used for ads, posters, album covers, story-boards and more. Through the years, he has worked with advertising agencies, art directors, movie directors, and movie and TV stars. Everyone he's worked with has been consistently pleased with his artwork, fulfilling their creative needs. Some of his clients included Disney / DreamWorks / Paramount - CBS / NBC / ABC / HBO and variety of art studios and advertising agencies in the Los Angeles area. He even joined S.A.G and dabbled in TV Acting in the 1990's.      After computers grew smaller in size and emailing images got easier, Tim realized in 2003, he could live anywhere and continue his art career outside of the city of "the angels."  So, in 2004 he sold his little Hollywood house and moved back to Louisiana to be closer to his family and his aging father, Malvin. Tim's home is currently in the uptown area of New Orleans and he built an art studio on his father's property in Houma (50 miles WSW). In 2005, Tim and his family remained safe during and after Hurricane Katrina and Rita.  Tim and his father, Malvin became best-friends during the three years he was home in Louisiana.  In April of 2007 his father became sick and died in July of 2007 at the age of eight-four. and the LOGO on the upper-left of this Web page is a testament to his father, Malvin Pierre Neil and serves as a bookmark in a new chapter in Tim's life. 2007 was an emotion-filled year of transition.  It is the year Tim reclaimed his responsibility as an artist & the year his father, Malvin received his wings. (NEIL07). In 2008 Two more major hurricanes (Gustav and Ike) hit Louisiana. Both storms  brutalized the little southern Louisiana town of Pointe-aux Chenes, Malvin's birth place. It was farmland that rapidly disapeared in later part of Malvin's life.  Tim's uses his talents and efforts (in visual promotion) to shine light onto the following non-profit organizations that he believes in the efforts of:  -  -&-  


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